Design Lab: New Breed of Promotion

The Hook: Our Obsession with Pure-Bred Dogs

Look, I love mutts. I have two of them. But even a lot of mutt owners, me included, are obsessed with the specific breeds our pups are made of. We just ❤️ dog breeds. How else can you explain the Westminster Dog Show grabbing good ratings every year? We want to see the working group or the hound group or the toy group. We want to see the breed that most reminds us of our own dog(s). As you probably guessed, I own a beagle mix. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I pick up her 💩, after all. And I can tell you with certainty that I would drive the nine hours to Bradenton for this event and bid on a jersey. Even though I work for the company that made ’em. It’s just beyond logic (which is what you want in your bidders! 😁). More ideas for Beagle Night or Lab Night or Boxer Night, etc. 🐕

Concessions: Ice cream sundaes served in dog bowls! Heck, everything served in dog bowls! 🍨Also? Dog treat sundaes, assuming this is promo coincides with a Bark in the Park night.

Live Entertainment: I mean, puppy parade, obviously. And if you affiliate with a local rescue group (In this case, that sleeve patch is for the Tampa Bay Area Beagle Rescue), let them show off their adoptable dogs between innings. Frisbee dog catching demos? Dog agility obstacle course? Dog trainers giving obedience tips and advice? 🐶

Contests: Four-legged races. Human fetching relays. Know-your-breeds top-of-dugout quiz-a-thons. Beagles_Mailchimp

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