Design Insider: West Columbus High School (updated 12/15/2018)

I recently took over amateur baseball sales for North Carolina, reaching out to coaches in the Old North State and fielding mock-up custom design requests to help move the sales/production process forward as efficiently as possible. Mock-ups can be the most time-intensive part of the process. The key is listening carefully to the client’s feedback to minimize the back-and-forth.

Our West Columbus High School baseball client wants a third uniform that captures the spirit of the team’s “Vikings” mascot. We initially discussed a design featuring a Viking ship on 🌊🌊🌊. Coach gave me the 👍. With our art team swamped, I took the initiative and sent him this: WestColumbus_Waves

The look was too tame. Go big, said the coach, which was awesome and prompted me to develop these two options:

The coach loved the revised ship design, but I’m dealing with a committee . His players have weigh in, and they weren’t sold. So, I added three more concepts to the mix 💡:

Concept #4 features illustrated waves as background art, with the body layout inspired by the 1980s Blue Jays uniforms. Concept #5 goes for the menacing look of the Viking, while Concept #5 features Viking dragon woodcarving artwork as the pinstriping on the body. We’ll see what his players think.

And if you happen to be a coach or an AD who’s in the market for new baseball uniforms, you can get a free price quote here to get the ball rolling!

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