Promotion Lab: Factory Food Fest!

I love hoppy small-batch-brewed beer from the local bar and artisanal cheeses made from the milk of grass-fed goats from the farm on the outskirts of town. But if you work long hours and don’t have the time and money to dine out and prepare gourmet meals, it’s hard not to appreciate good-old prepackaged convenience foods from the grocery.

Local is great, but I propose setting yourselves apart by going in the opposite direction, which is also great. Ramen noodles? Easy and delicious. Little Debbie snack cakes? Scrumptious stress relievers. Fudge Rounds, in particular. Kraft macaroni and cheese? Like the best parts childhood in a bowl. Same for Pop Tarts. Frozen pizza? Delightful. Spam? Okay, I have limits. Although if it’s been around this long it must have fans.

A couple of things about this promotion idea. First, the appeal is wide because everyone knows these foods. We’ve all eaten them (and secretly enjoyed them). Second, it gives you plenty of entertainment options:

a. Give fans a reason to buy more concessions. Serve ballpark variations of ramen, Spam and other engineered goodies at kiosks and/or your regular concession stands.

b. Challenge local chefs. Invite a few to put their own creative spin on a certain convenience food. Think of it as your own episode of “Chopped” right there on your ballpark’s concourse.

c. Challenge fans. Frozen pizza frisbee toss? Throwing bologna slices against a big painted bullseye? Guess that Hot Pocket mystery meat? Or Pop Tart “fruit” flavor? (Raspberry and cherry are interchangeable, IMO). Something involving Jell-O or instant pudding? (And I’m not saying wrestling, necessarily, although … )

d. Play with food. Invite kids at the park to make a macaroni art project! A classic! Here are a few ideas …

d. Jingles! Play the “Hot Pocket” jingle for a strikeout. Or borrow a clip from Jim Gaffigan’s hilarious bit on them.

You can take it from here. And, of course, consider a cool jersey OT Sports can design for your team:




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