Promotions Lab: Weather Nerd Night

There was a brief time, perhaps in the mid 90s, when being called a “nerd” became a good thing. I’m sure it had to do with the tech boom, which launched so-called nerds like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos to superstardom. Now you attach “nerd” to anything, and it means you’re just super passionate about whatever it is.

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on us here in North Carolina, I’m attaching “nerd” to weather for a promotion stirring the passion your fans have for Doppler radars and low-pressure systems.  Because there are a lot of those nerds out there. The Weather Channel even has a podcast for them.

The first thing you want to do is give fans the chance to do their own weather forecasts, right? I’m thinking anything from fans messing around in front of a big hand-painted weather map to challenging them to read a weather map properly to selecting a few to read forecasts in their best broadcaster voice. (If you have a video board, you could also shoot players doing their best renditions).

Speaking of between-inning fan challenges, I love those little booths at science centers where you can step inside and feel the wind force of a tornado. How about wheeling two giant (electric) fans onto the field and racing two (human) fans into the gusts? As if they’re running in a storm?

So many contest possibilities. For an all-weather take on the contest in which fans dress in baseball uniforms before racing to the finish line, you could have them bundle up in player hoodies, cage jackets and dugout jackets instead. (You guys know we make all that stuff, right?)

Local television weather forecasters should be on hand to throw out the first pitch and shake hands with the fans. But you already knew that. And the giveaway for the night has to be a golf umbrella. Or those little sunblock bottles on key chains. Or a sun hat. ( … or maybe not)

Anyway, here are a few jersey design concepts for a Weather Nerd Night. Contact OT Sports pro baseball salesperson extraordinaire Elaine Gastineau if you’d like to brainstorm further.




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