Marketing the Minor Leagues

I love Minor League Baseball. And College summer leagues such as the Coastal Plain League and Northwoods League. For teams in those leagues, the whole experience is the sale, not just baseball. I remember one of my first trips at a minor league ballpark, while I was in California on other business. It’s still one of my favorite trips and informs my work to promote MiLB at OT Sports.

I decided to trek from L.A. to Adelanto to see the dearly departed High Desert Mavericks, mostly because it seemed like such an odd place for a team to be. The drive didn’t disappoint. suburbs and commercialism gave way to farmland, which eventually gave way to the Mojave Desert. Tumbleweeds bounced across the highway. And the stadium? Still new at the time, with those signature desert gusts whipping across the concourse.

I don’t  remember the score or whether any of the players went on to big league stardom. I will always recall the gigantic desert moon that lit up the sky like an oversized nightlight. I remember coyotes howling outside the stadium, above the din of a full house. And I remember the sick lid I bought (and still have somewhere around here). That experience was unique and fantastic, and I try to capture the essence of that in everything I write and design at OT.


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